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Proven Facts about the 20 Cubic Yard Dumpster Rental

When it comes to home improvement and construction projects, few tools are more useful than a rental dumpster. Finding the right dumpster rental for your junk removal project will facilitate a cleaner, more organized, and safer worksite, which runs more efficiently and with less risk of accidents or time-consuming mistakes. However, it’s important to choose the right size and type of dumpster rental to make sure that you don’t spend extra time, money, or effort, and can get your debris removal project accomplished in the shortest possible time frame.

While different dumpster sizes will be best for different types of projects, there’s one size of dumpster that is rented more than the others because it can accommodate the widest range of projects possible: the 20 cubic yard dumpster. The 20-yard bin dimensions are usually about 22 feet long, 8 feet wide, and about 5 feet high, which equates to a total volume size and carrying capacity of 20 cubic yards. This is equivalent to approximately 3 tons of material, about 100 normal-sized household trash bags, or 6 full pickup truck loads.  

The reason this is considered the most commonly used size of the dumpster is its versatility, as this size will work perfectly for a huge variety of projects. If you’re doing a whole-house cleanout or a construction project where you’ll be throwing away a lot of material, this size can almost always perfectly accommodate the amount of waste you will produce. 

Some of the other projects that a 20 cy dumpster rental is perfect for are:

  • Yard cleanouts where you’ll be disposing of lots of wood or leaves
  • Roofing projects
  • Bathroom or kitchen demolition jobs
  • Clearing an attic or basement out
  • Removing bulky furniture

Another reason the 20-yard roll-off dumpster is so popular is that it is the largest size dumpster that easily fits into an average residential driveway. That means you won’t have to worry about blocking street access or the damage to your property that can occur with some of the larger sizes like cracked or scraped concrete. Finally, the wide, swinging doors on the side of these dumpsters make disposing of heavy material like furniture or concrete easy, as it can simply be walked in and dumped.

What Cannot be placed in a Dumpster Rental? 

It’s important to ensure that you aren’t putting anything dangerous in the dumpster or any kind of prohibited item. Some of the things to watch out for are:

Paint, paint thinners, lacquers, or wood stainers

Paint and these types of materials are almost always prohibited from rental dumpsters due to their capacity for containing dangerous chemicals like lead or mercury, along with their ability to damage or permanently stain and discolor waste disposal equipment. While some latex paints are allowed, if you’ll be dealing with paint or these other materials it’s important to clarify this with the waste disposal company before loading.

Flammable or hazardous materials like batteries, fuel, and oil

These types of materials are prohibited from dumpsters due to their obvious safety hazards and risks. However, most companies will work with you on disposing of these materials, as they have to go somewhere and it’s important to mitigate the environmental damage as much as possible by disposing of them properly. If you have appliances that may contain dangerous chemicals like freon, such as an old refrigerator, let the waste company know so they can help you dispose of them. 

Tires, mattresses, and consumer electronics like CRT monitors

These items pose various environmental and safety hazards, such as cadmium and lead in CRT monitors. Tires can clog up landfills and create a fire hazard, while mattresses are difficult to recycle and can be considered a biohazard. If you have any of these materials, clarify whether or not they are allowed in the dumpster before loading. 

Weight Limits of a 20 Cubic Yard Dumpster 

Another thing to consider is the weight of the dumpster. For example, concrete weighs about two tons per cubic yard, meaning that a 20 cubic yard dumpster that is filled with concrete will weigh about 40,000 pounds. This would create a dangerous situation that is almost impossible to remove, which is why most dumpster rental companies place weight limits on their services.

As long as you aren’t loading 100% heavy material like concrete, brick, or dirt, you should be well under this weight limit. However, if you will be dealing with large amounts of heavy material, it’s important to discuss and clarify the proper procedures before loading it. 

If all this is taken into consideration, a rental dumpster should be an easy and convenient way to keep your projects moving, enhance job site safety, and keep costs to a minimum. The average 20-yard dumpster prices are about $450 – 550, although certain variables can cause this to go lower or higher by a range of about $200.

Get started by contacting Bins4Less, a waste disposal company, today, and find the perfect size dumpster for you, whether that’s the 10-yard, 20-yard, or even up to 30 or 40 cubic yards residential or commercial dumpster.

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