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Bulky Items Disposal Methods in Southern California

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Bulky item disposal | Bins4Less

Southern California is home to some of the most bustling metropolitan areas in the country, yet many of its residents face a common challenge: how best to dispose of bulky items such as old furniture, mattresses, bookshelves, and large household items.


Whether you’re moving house, doing a garage cleanout, or just a general house cleanup, knowing where and how to dispose of these items can be confusing and overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are numerous options available for sustainable bulky items disposal throughout Southern California. From recycling centers to donation centers to dumpster rental services – this article will cover all the possibilities so that you don’t have to worry about your waste ending up in a landfill or an unsightly pile on the street.


With this guide, you’ll find something that fits your needs and budget while also protecting our environment.


12 Methods for Bulky Items Disposal


What Are Considered Bulky Items?


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Bulky waste is any item that is too large or cumbersome to fit into standard-sized garbage bins.

Usually, these items are too large for a single person to handle, such as furniture like couches, recliners, and tables.

Other common bulky waste items include large appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and TVs as well as plumbing fixtures like bathtubs, toilets, and sinks.

Some municipalities may also consider tires and mattresses to be considered bulky waste.


When it comes to cleaning up your space, it can often be difficult to think about what to do with old furniture and large unwanted items.

Not only can these bulky items be hard to transport due to their weight and size, but they can also require challenging projects in order to be removed from the area.

Taking the time to declutter your space and find creative ways of disposing of your old large staff will help you achieve a stress-free environment.


1. Free Bulky Items Picked up by the City`s Sanitation and Environment Department


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The LA Sanitation (LASAN) program offers free bulky item pick-up services from your curbside for items such as mattresses, couches, recliners, doors, carpets, toilets, and other furniture. This service is available to single-family households as well as multi-family residential buildings with five or more units.



2. Free Bulky Household Waste Drop off


bulky items drop off


In addition to scheduling a pick-up appointment for large items, LASAN also offers free drop-off events at multiple locations in the city where residents can bring their large items to be responsibly disposed of.

The LA Sanitation program is an invaluable resource in providing a safe way for residents to get rid of unwanted bulky items in their homes.


3. Old Bed and Mattress Recycling Programs


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California’s bed and mattress recycling programs provide an environmentally friendly way to dispose of old bedding materials. Not only does it prevent these items from ending up in landfills, but it also allows them to be repurposed into other items. Old steel, wood, and bed foundations can be recycled into furniture components, building supplies, and even animal bedding.


By participating in a recycling program you can help reduce waste and make positive impacts on the environment.


4. Donate Bulky Items to Charities


Many charitable organizations accept donations of gently-used large pieces of furniture and provide them to those in need.


Before disposing of your bulky unwanted items, do a quick search for charities that can put them to good use – they may even pick things up from your house at no cost:


Goodwill – locate a donation center near you


Martha’s Villages and Kitchen – locate a donation center near you


1736 Family Crisis Center – locate a donation center near you


River Oak Center for Children, Inc. – locate a donation center near you


San Diego Second Chance Program – locate a donation center near you


Salvation Army – locate a donation center near you


Withcauses in California – Furniture Donation 


5. Recycle Large Electronics



recycling large electronics bins4less


In California, there are numerous ways to recycle your electronic bulky items.

Many local municipalities have programs in place for responsible e-waste disposal and recycling. Additionally, organizations such as Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity have drop-off locations where you can donate usable electronics for reuse or recycling. California also offers a number of certified collectors that provide services for the secure management of e-waste materials. These collectors accept all sorts of electronic products, including computers, TVs, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines. Some even offer free pick-up services with donation or recycling options available.


6. Hire an Eco-Friendly Dumpster Rental Service


Roll off dumpster. Bins4Less

A Roll off dumpster. Bins4Less

A dumpster rental is a convenient, eco-friendly, and hassle-free solution for anyone looking to get rid of large and heavy household items.
Not only is it convenient, but it’s also an affordable solution.
At Bins4Less we offer free delivery and pick up of residential and commercial roll-off dumpsters available in multiple sizes.
With over 25 years of experience in Southern California, our services make household dumpster rentals convenient and budget-friendly.

We are committed to taking care of your old bulky items by providing a safe and environmentally responsible way to dispose of them.

No hidden fees or last-minute surprises – just straightforward quotes so you can plan with confidence.
Our friendly customer team is available at (800) 611-2467 to answer any questions about the dumpster rental service.

7. Bulky Waste Hauling Services


loading a large item


When it comes to removing your large, bulky items from the house without any budget constraints, you can rely on a junk removal service.

The dedicated team of waste haulers is there to swiftly transport and dispose of these cumbersome pieces so that they won’t be cluttering your space anymore.


8. Sell Bulky Items on Marketplaces




sell bulky items

If you cannot donate or recycle bulky unwanted items, you can still sell them online.
There are a variety of online marketplaces where you can list your items for sale.
When selling online, it is recommended to provide detailed item descriptions and clear photos so buyers know what to expect.
Be sure to include all relevant information such as measurements, conditions, pricing, pick-up or delivery options, and payment methods.
This popular online classified site has a massive community of shoppers – all you need to do is create an easy, free listing. In minutes, you can be well on your way to making money off that old bedroom set or sofa.
Facebook Marketplace
If you’re looking for a convenient and secure way to sell your unwanted furniture, turn to Facebook Marketplace.
Unlike Craigslist, there are no fees involved with listing items – plus the transactions tend to be safer because buyers may be connected through mutual friends or acquaintances.
You can also reach out to local Facebook Buy & Sell Groups for supporters in your area who may be interested in purchasing your items.
It’s an easy choice if you want to give old furniture another home in your local community.
It is an online community and an application. Join your local Neighborhood group and post what you have available – whether it’s for sale or free. Connecting with other members of the community has never been easier
Platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, and Shopify allow you to sell bulky items online. However, these sites typically charge a fee for each sale made on the platform, usually in the form of a percentage of the total price. For instance, eBay charges up to 15% and a listing fee of $0.30 USD per item, of the final sale price including postage costs. Etsy charges a flat fee of 5% per item sold and then adds payment processing fees on top of that. Shopify has various plans depending on your needs which can range from 0.5%-2% transaction fees plus additional payment processing fees. Ultimately, these platforms may be more hassle than they’re worth for those selling large bulky items due to the associated fees involved, but they’re still viable options.

9. Retail Store Bulky Item Pick up


bulky item disposal bins4less


Many furniture and mattress retailers, especially internet stores, offer a comprehensive service when you purchase a new mattress or furniture.


They will not only deliver your new item, but they will also schedule a time to remove your old mattress or furniture from your home.


The store will not only remove and dispose of the old item correctly but also set up the new one for you.

The removal and disposal of the old item are done responsibly and ethically with donations, recycling, or responsible disposal processes.

This means that customers can rest easy knowing that their unwanted bed, furniture, and mattress will be taken care of in an environmentally friendly way.


10. Dissemble Your Bulky Item


take apart and dispose bulky item bins4less


Taking apart bulky items can be a great way to make use of old furniture and materials.

Before starting, it is important to consider the safety measures and take all necessary precautions when disassembling pieces.

It is also useful to have the right tools for removing screws or nails, as well as a drop cloth to protect the surface where you are working from scratches and dings.

Once everything is removed, you can reuse the components for various projects such as crafting or selling them at a metal scrap yard for more money.

With the right planning and preparation, deconstructing your old bulky items can be an incredibly rewarding experience.


11. Bring Your Bulky Items to Landfill



transport large items to landfill bins4less


If you have an unwanted bulky item, such as furniture or a mattress, taking it to a landfill is a great way to dispose of it.
Taking care of disposal on your own is often more cost-effective than hiring someone else to do it.
Many landfills allow you to bring your bulky item and drop it off yourself, making the process simple and convenient.
Make sure you check the facility’s rules beforehand. Your best bet is to check the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a list of landfills that accept such items.
Landfills in California are not allowed to accept electronic waste, such as computers, cell phones, and televisions, because these items contain hazardous materials that can be dangerous to the environment if not properly disposed of. Refer to “Waste Banned From the Trash” for more information.

12. Advertise a Yard Sale



bulky items disposal in southern california bins4less


Having a garage sale is another solution to get rid of bulky items that have been cluttering up your home.

It’s also an opportunity to make a bit of extra money while doing something good for your local community.

When organizing your sale, be sure to advertise it widely in the neighborhood and online, so you can attract as many interested buyers as possible.

Most importantly, don’t forget to set up signs with arrows pointing toward your garage sale so people know where to find you.

With a little bit of effort, you can turn your large unwanted items into cash while giving them a new life in someone else’s home.




There are a variety of convenient and affordable options for disposing of bulky items in Southern California.

From donating your old items to charities and thrift stores to renting a dumpster from Bins4Less and having us safely disposed of at the landfill, you can choose the best disposal method that fits your needs.

Our customer service team is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

excellent customer support bins4less

By renting a dumpster from Bins4Less, you’ll save time, money, and effort by avoiding multiple trips to the landfill while also minimizing your environmental impact through proper waste disposal.

How To Rent a Dumpster for Bulky Items| Bins4Less


Residential and Commercial Dumpster Rental in LA. | Bins4Less

Residential and Commercial Dumpster Rental in LA | Bins4Less


At Bins4Less, renting a dumpster rental is easy and hassle-free. We make the booking process as easy as possible for you.


To Get Started:


Contact us today by phone at (800) 611-2467 or through our website for an instant free quote.

Once you have chosen your desired container size and location, simply submit your order form online.

Our friendly customer service representatives are on hand to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about renting a trash container.

We will then reach out to you and provide further instructions for making payment and choosing delivery dates and times.


When getting ready for the delivery of your Bins4Less dumpster rental, adhere to these rules:


Make the space clear: Ensure that the dumpster’s placement is at least 10.5 feet wide. Before delivery, relocate any vehicles or other obstructions from your driveway or parking area. The truck will need around 60 feet to drop the bin in a straight line.

Inspect for wires: To successfully install the container during delivery, we need 23 feet of vertical clearance. Look up above you for any tree branches or low-hanging wires.

To ensure a successful delivery of your dumpster, please clear an area that is 10.5 feet wide with at least 60 feet in a straight line for the truck to drop off the container and 23 feet of vertical clearance overhead – check if there are any low-hanging wires or tree branches impeding access.

If we cannot place it due to blockages, you may incur a trip fee so be sure everything is ready before our arrival.


On The Day of Delivery:


Remove any parked cars or other obstructions that may be in the way of accessing your dumpster.

Please ensure the gate is unlocked or give the delivery person the key or code to access the service area.

We will arrive at the designated address with your requested waste dumpster ready to be filled with waste materials from your project or renovation.


Pick-Up Service:


Upon completion, simply contact us again to arrange a pickup of the dumpster rental at an agreed-upon time, when convenient for you.

At Bins4Less, we ensure that all of our customers receive high-quality service – from consistently affordable prices to reliable customer support –

so you can be sure that your rental experience will be nothing short of remarkable.







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