Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know there’s a lot to think through when you’re ordering a dumpster. Here are all the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Still have a question? We’re more than happy to hop on a quick phone call and answer it straight away: Call Now: 1 (800) 611-2467

Can I move the container after it has been delivered?2022-05-25T07:41:36-07:00

Please do not move the container yourself. If for any reason you need the container relocated, a $150.00 relocation fee will apply. If there is any damage to the container due to an attempted relocation, you will be responsible for the damage.

Where can the dumpster be placed?2022-05-25T07:41:36-07:00

– It depends on the city. In some cities, we are allowed to place it on the street. However, we mostly place containers on driveways.
– Our drivers take utmost care when placing your dumpster on your property. At times we use wood slats to prevent the dumpster from moving. However, there is always a chance that your driveway may be damaged.
– Although there is always an inherent risk of damage from a full container, we do our best to place and remove containers with no damage to the property. We are not responsible for any damage incurred upon removal. Please note that specific concrete or asphalt driveways may not sustain the weight of some of our containers and could potentially break.
– We CANNOT place containers in alleys.
– It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain any required permits from the respective city.

Is there a weight limit or height limit?2023-08-17T11:51:27-07:00

– Our high-top containers do have weight limits, anywhere from 1.5 tons to 5 tons depending on the size of the container.
– Upon removal, if the containers are overweight, we charge a prorated fee of $125.00 per ton over.
– Our lowboys (for dirt/concrete) do not have weight capacities but can usually fit 5-10 tons of concrete, depending on the size of the container and the size of the material being disposed of.
– Do not fill any of our containers past the top. We must cover our containers with a tarp to safely transport the material. If there is any trash sticking out from the top of the container, we may not be able to remove it.

Are there any extra fees?2023-08-17T11:53:20-07:00

Our dumpster prices include delivery, pickup, and standard dump fees up to the respective weight capacity of the container. Our lowboys, for concrete/dirt, are a flat fee.

Other fees may apply in the following situations:

• Overweight fee (high-top dumpsters): If the container is overweight at the time of removal: Prorated at $125.00 per ton over.
• Relocation fee: If the container needs to be moved or relocated after the delivery has been completed: Starting at $150.00 (price varies on distance)
– Trip Charge: If the order is canceled while the driver is on the way to deliver a dumpster or there are obstructions or complications where we cannot remove the container. Starting at $150.00 (price varies by distance)
– Specific dumpsite: If a container needs to be dumped or recycled at a particular facility, we will charge extra for transportation and a fee for dumping (depending on location).
– Daily usage fee: After seven days (in select areas), a container can be kept on the property for an additional fee per day, the price varies by the amount of extra time is needed.

Where can I throw away electronic or hazardous waste?2022-05-25T07:41:36-07:00

Each city or county has its own e-waste and hazardous waste programs. Please check with your county for any centers in your area. Check out the following links for your county for more information:

Los Angeles County: https://pw.lacounty.gov/general/enotifyCalendar/Calendar.aspx

Orange County: https://oclandfills.com/hazardous-waste

San Bernardino County: https://sbcfire.org/hhw/

Riverside County: https://www.rcwaste.org/hhw

What is not allowed in the dumpster?2022-05-25T07:41:36-07:00

In ALL containers:
– NO paint (dry or wet)
– NO hazardous waste
– NO liquid waste
– NO tires
– NO electronics like TVs or monitors (appliances are OK)
– NO flammable waste

IN High Top Containers (3,10,15,20,40-yard containers):
– NO Concrete or asphalt
– NO dirt
– NO bricks or rocks
– NO Stucco or Shingles

How long is the rental period?2022-05-25T07:41:36-07:00

Rentals vary between 5-7 days, depending on the city. For cities allowed up to 7 days, there is a daily usage fee if you wish to keep the container longer. There is no extra fee if you’d like the container to be picked up earlier.

How early in advance do I need to place an order?2022-05-25T07:41:36-07:00

We suggest placing an order with us at least two days before your desired delivery date. We do offer same-day delivery, only when available.

What forms of payment do you accept?2022-05-25T07:41:37-07:00

We accept cash, credit cards (most major credit retailers), or debit cards.
Payment is collected upon delivery only.

What areas do you service?2022-05-25T07:41:37-07:00

We service select areas in the Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County areas. Please call us at 1(800)611-2467 to determine if we service your city.

Do I need to be there on delivery and removal?2022-05-25T07:41:37-07:00

You do not have to be present for the delivery unless you need to physically pay the driver, or if there are objects obstructing where you need the container placed. If you cannot be present during the delivery, please give the representative detailed instructions on the placement of the container to avoid having to relocate the container later, which comes with an additional fee. Please consider any possible obstructions to garage space, parking, or job sites.

Likewise, you do not have to be present on removal, unless there are objects or vehicles obstructing the container. If the driver is unable to remove the container due to obstructions in the customer’s control, a trip fee will apply.

How does the dumpster rental process work?2022-05-25T07:41:37-07:00

When you are ready to order, we will obtain all necessary information, including the address, placement information, contact information, and payment information.

1. On the day of delivery, our driver will place the container where needed, open the container doors, and collect payment.
2. The customer will fill up the container, below or at the max fill line.
3. The container will be picked up from the property on the designated removal date, otherwise, if the customer is finished early, they give the office a call and an earlier removal date may be scheduled.
4. On removal, our driver will arrive on-site and remove the container from the property. The driver will then take the container to the appropriate landfill or recycling facility. If the container is overweight, the office will send the weight ticket to the customer with the overweight amount and will collect the payment.

How long can the dumpster be at the job?2022-05-25T07:41:37-07:00

Some cities only allow a dumpster to sit for 5 days. Others allow 7 or more.

What is the cost of a dumpster?2022-05-25T07:41:37-07:00

Prices vary based on dumpster size, time of rental, and location. We’ll give you an accurate quote over the phone: 1-800-611-2467

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