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Dumpsters are one of the most useful tools for almost any project you can imagine, from spring cleaning to major construction sites. However, when you begin planning your project, it’s important to make sure that you do it right and avoid making some simple mistakes. Managing your dumpster rental properly will save you time and money in the end, and will ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Size

Perhaps the most important mistake to avoid is choosing a dumpster that is too large or too small. If it’s too large, you will end up overpaying while space will remain in the dumpster that wasn’t utilized. However, if it’s too small, you can end up overfilling it, leading to further expenses, or even needing to rent another dumpster.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the right size for you, you can usually work it out depending on what type of project you are doing. If you’re still having trouble, remember that it’s always better to overestimate than underestimate, as the cost of overfilling or needing another dumpster is much more than the cost of having some extra space in a large dumpster.  

Mistake #2: Missing Ways to Save Money

Sometimes you just need a dumpster, as trash or waste piles up and going to the dump becomes prohibitively expensive. However, you might as well still try and save money when you rent one! One way you can do so is by only throwing away one type of material at a time, called a clean load, which some companies provide discounts for.  

Also, you should always be sure to stay within the rental period, look into using the dumpster cost as a tax deduction, don’t let others use your dumpster, and lock it when not in use. All of these tips will help you save money in the end.  

Mistake #3: Improper Storage of the Dumpster

Another important thing to consider when you rent a dumpster is where you will keep it while it is being filled. If you have room in your driveway that is ideal, but you have to be careful not to block cars in or cause damage to the concrete. If you have a spot with dirt or a non-landscaped area that will work well, but be aware that dumpsters can damage lawns.

If you’re planning on putting it in the street, you might need permits from the city to do so. Before starting your project, always be sure to have a storage plan for the dumpster before the truck gets there to unload it. 

Mistake #4: Overfilling and Prohibited Materials

As mentioned before, overfilling a dumpster can cause extra costs or fees that add up. For most projects this won’t be an issue, but if you’re loading a large amount of extremely heavy material like rocks, dirt, bricks, or concrete, you’ll want to discuss this with the dumpster rental company before filling it up to make sure you will be under the limit.  

Also, it’s important to be aware of what items are prohibited from being thrown away in a dumpster without special precautions. Items like car batteries, tires, large quantities of oil, paint, mattresses, and certain appliances are usually not allowed to be disposed of without informing the dumpster company beforehand. Before you start, research what you can and can’t put in the dumpster so that your project won’t experience any delays or issues. 

Mistake #5: Choosing the Wrong Company

Like anything else, you should only rent a dumpster from a company that is licensed, insured, and professional in all aspects. The right company will be communicative and easy to contact, will listen to your concerns or questions, and will help you figure out the right choices for your personal needs.

Always be sure to clarify when they will be there to pick it up and make sure that the schedule is followed regularly. There shouldn’t be any hidden fees that aren’t discussed, and it’s smart to make sure they are disposing of the waste legally and properly. Overall, use your judgment and be sure to choose a company that conducts itself professionally and in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or construction uses, dumpster rentals provide a lot of benefits at an excellent price point. When trash and waste pile up, jobs get delayed, workers slow down, and serious health and safety hazards develop. Whether it’s communicable diseases, trip hazards, broken glass, exposed nails, or anything else, dumpster rentals help keep us all safe and keep job sites productive.  

If you’re planning a home improvement project, an intensive cleaning, or any other type of job, one of the most important first steps is figuring out where your waste will go. Don’t neglect this important aspect of the job, and be sure to follow these tips so you can avoid making these simple, but costly, mistakes.  

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