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Winter Decluttering: 8 Best Tips for Decluttering Your Home During the Holiday Season



winter decluttering during holidays


Are you looking to start the New Year off clean and organized? Winter is a great time to take advantage of the opportunity for holiday decluttering. During this festive season, you can make progress in organizing your space and freshening up your home.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing helpful tips for winter holiday decluttering that will kickstart 2023 on the right note! Get ready to clear out space, find joy in tidying up and be more intentional about how your use your living area.


The Old Is About To Give Way to The New.


Give yourself space for fresh beginnings and possibilities – clear out your home or workspace, donate unused items, and organize the space around you.

To do this, before the winter holidays, plan to have a clear out.

Let’s take a closer look at the difference between “trash” and stuff you don’t need. While unused items can have some practical use or sentimental value, trash is simply anything that no longer serves us in any capacity – be it functional, emotional, or otherwise.

We all know the struggle of dealing with trash; it accumulates in our homes and workplaces, taking up precious space and time.

Unfortunately, this junk can sometimes be dangerous – from medicines that have passed their expiration date to sharp objects that pose a health risk… Luckily there are plenty of ways we can get rid of these items responsibly.

Why do we need to declutter our homes? Goals can be different.

For instance, decluttering is a great first step to achieving goals such as creating additional space and convenience or simply carving out more room in your everyday routine for indulging in joyful moments. By creating organized spaces that are free of clutter, we can make room for the things that matter: time spent doing activities that bring happiness into our lives.

Drawbacks of Winter Decluttering


If  Mother Nature Gives One Too Many Hurdles This Cold Weather Season, Don’t Fret – All Tidying Efforts Will Still Await Until Sunnier Days Come Back Around Again.

Winter is the perfect time to declutter and give your home a fresh, organized start. But with snow, rain, or even cold temperatures outside, it can be difficult for some people to sort through items they need to donate and take them away.

For those brave souls who put in the effort and declutter their home, the benefits can be immense – from finding more room in your garage to feeling lighter without all that extra stuff taking up the house.

The feeling of having more space – whether it’s in your garage or just within yourself from letting go of extra items can be liberating when done right. Even if you’re unable or unwilling to leave during inclement weather conditions, don’t worry; just pick it back up when things outside improve again.

Get started today – take control of your space and reap the rewards sooner rather than later.

1. Snap a “Before” Pic To Chart Your Progress.


This will give you the chance to watch your progress as you organize. It is amazing what visibility does for motivation as you power through the tedious process of decluttering. Seeing what’s been accomplished, step-by-step, and check mark after check mark, can be incredibly motivating. The process may take time but with before/after photos available throughout, it won’t feel nearly as daunting.


2. Sort Any Unused Items Into Categories To Make It Easier.


To begin the decluttering process, swiftly sort through your belongings and decide what should be kept or let go. By separating unwanted or unused items, you can create a space filled with only what’s necessary.
Donate some of the extra stuff to people in need; throw away whatever doesn’t have a purpose anymore, and send off any that require repair or are recyclable – save time while helping others at the same time.


Winter Decluttering


3. Don’t Let That Pile Of Unwanted Trash Stick Around – Get Rid Of It Fast.


If you’ve just finished tidying up a play area for children, take the extra effort, and share the joy, donate or give those toys away. Make sure to give away packages with items in them promptly, rather than letting weeks pass by without offering up your generosity.


4. Keeping Clutter Around Will Just Further Delay The Inevitable.


Too often, we let rubbish items amass around the house without making an effort to get rid of them.  Rather than keeping items at home and potentially forgetting about them for months on end, throwing them away can be a much better option. Why wait when you can eliminate any chance of clutter? Discarding unwanted objects is often the best solution.


5. Throwing Away Is Better Than Selling.


Making a profit off of purging items from your home can be a bonus, however, ultimately the goal should be about freeing yourself from excess clutter to create space in both your mind and home.


6. Sharing Is Caring: Show Your Love For the Earth by Donating Instead of Discarding.


By donating our items instead of discarding them, not only do we show compassion for those in need; but also protect the environment from waste and pollution.

Don’t just throw it away – make sure it finds the right place. First and foremost, inspect the material they’re made from – some materials can be recycled. Look for recycling centers near you or do an online search if needed. But before throwing them away altogether, consider giving reusable goods (like furniture!) to friends and neighbors who may need them more than you; alternatively donate pieces that still have life in them at charity stores or thrift shops so someone else can put them back into use.


7. Check Each Unused Item.


Carefully consider every unutilized object, asking ourselves two questions: the practical one – do I need it? How often would I use it and what is its condition? Then comes the emotional inquiry – does this thing spark any emotion in me or make me happy in some way? By answering these queries honestly, we can decide whether to hold onto an item for a lifetime of joy or part ways with something that no longer brings us delight.


8. Creating A “Time Box”.


Decluttering your space can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the items that you’re still unsure of. To help organize these things and make sure they stick around if needed, try creating an effective “time box”. Set a timer for yourself and check out this storage spot only for those objects left in question. It is easy to make this box last too long. At the end of each term, sort through what is truly useful and discard any excess material.

Getting rid of clutter and establishing limits on what you choose to keep can free up valuable space in your home and time that would have been spent cleaning.  A decluttered home can provide so many benefits to your day-to-day life, from freeing up time for new hobbies to creating a more relaxed and zen environment. So go ahead and start cleaning the house – both metaphorically and physically. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes in your day-to-day life!


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We hope this post has inspired you to see the benefits of decluttering your home and life!

If you found this helpful, be sure to check out our other blog posts for more great tips on living a clutter-free life. And don’t forget, we’re always here to help with any dumpster rental needs you may have. We handle all kinds of waste responsibly, ensuring it’s properly recycled and being put to good use reducing global pollution. Give us a call today!


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