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Home ownership comes with lots of projects big and small. If you are tearing out a water damaged ceiling in the dining room or replacing all your kitchen cabinets you will definitely want to spend the money for a dumpster rental, as these jobs create massive amounts of debris.

But what if you’re doing a smaller job? What if you are just making a doorway larger, or replacing some broken down furniture, or getting a new bathroom vanity? Couldn’t the debris from these projects go in some contractor garbage bags and get taken to the landfill?

Even in instances when the job doesn’t seem big enough to merit a dumpster rental, it may still turn out to be the best and most affordable option for getting rid of debris. If you are considering any scale of home renovation, it may pay off to look into trash dumpster rental companies in your area.

Will My Construction Project Create Enough Debris to Merit a Residential Dumpster Rental?

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The first consideration is how much debris will actually be produced by your project. If you’re only removing a couple of feet of wall there shouldn’t be that much waste afterwards, right?

Guess again. Going back to the example of expanding a doorway by a foot on each side, you will have casing materials to replace, old drywall from both sides of the wall, and baseboard.

Packaging, Off-Cuts and Other Sundries

In addition, you won’t be using a full sheet of drywall; do you have a perfectly dry place to keep the off cuts for your next project, or will you end up just throwing part of the sheet out? Will there be offcuts from the casing and trim materials? What about packaging from the new casing material and from the joint compound? Will you need to get rid of sanding pads, and the paint can?

All these things could easily add up to several contractor bags and weigh a few hundred pounds. Depending on how your local dump charges this will add up. With dumpster rentals you can get rid of it all at once without the logistical concerns of how many bags you’ve got or fitting it all in your vehicle.

Other Small Projects

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If you choose a dumpster rental for one project it may make sense to do other projects that would also produce waste. This way all your disposal problems can be solved at once and you can enjoy your renovations without having giant trash bags hanging around.

So while you’re at the hardware store for joint compound and paint, grab a new vanity and mirror for the bathroom, along with a sink top, faucet and supply and drain lines. You can take out the old vanity and all its accoutrements and use them to fill up more of the roll-off dumpster rental, then put in a beautiful new piece that will give your bathroom a fresh feel.

Do I Have Other Things to Throw Away?


Another way dumpster rentals are a great choice for even small home renovation projects is that they inspire whole-house decluttering. There’s no rule that says a dumpster rental has to be used only for construction projects.

If you are doing a project with the intent to discard the refuse in garbage bags, you will find yourself holding onto junk just because you don’t feel like trying to cart it all to the dump. Load a dumpster rental instead, and have the removal service haul it away for you.

A Dumpster to Fill

On the other hand, with a small dumpster, you will put all the debris into it and find that it still has room. To get your money’s worth, you will then start looking at all the things in your house and property with a critical eye. How many of these things are unneeded or broken?

Maybe that chair with the stuffing coming out will finally meet its end, or the desk with two missing legs. The kids’ swimming pool hasn’t held water in three summers and you forgot all about the pile of roofing shingles behind the garage.

Before you know it your property will start looking way better as you discard yard debris, broken appliances and trash of every kind in order to fill the dumpster.

Check Your Closet

The living spaces and yard aren’t the only places to look for things to discard in a roll off dumpster rental. Do you have outgrown or ruined clothes in your closet? Is your sock drawer half full of socks that have holes in them?

Are your kitchen cupboards cluttered with cracked tupperware and pots with broken handles, or mismatched lids that don’t fit anything anymore?

Dumpster rentals make great sense if you have items that you have been holding onto because you don’t know what else to do with them. A roll off dumpster could be an easy and inexpensive solution, making your home easier to clean, organize and enjoy.

The dumpster rental period is often a minimum of a week, so you’ll have lots of time to think about what clutter to get rid of.

The Case For a Larger Dumpster

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Even if you initially questioned whether a dumpster rental was necessary for your home project, I would encourage you to consider increasing your dumpster size. Dumpster rental sizes vary greatly and a dumpster of double the volume does not come at double the cost. And the more room you have in your dumpster, the more aggressively you will declutter in order to fully utilize it.

Your imagination will begin to run wild. Maybe it’s time to do spring cleaning in January. Maybe other home construction jobs will find their moment.

Maybe your van has four garbage bags worth of fast food packaging jammed under the seats, and maybe it’s time to get rid of all the cracked rubber boots that have been accumulating in the garage.

A dumpster sitting in the driveway presents an opportunity to turn your life in a new direction, with less clutter and more space.

A Good Investment: Junk Removal Service Dumpster Rental

If you think dumpster rental for a small home improvement project is an unnecessary expense, ask yourself whether you can honestly say there’s nothing else on your property that you should get rid of. If you have already completed the home decluttering process you may decide that dumpster rentals truly are not the right choice for you.

But if you have things to eliminate that you have been procrastinating on, allow me to suggest that now is the time for a dumpster rental.

You can complete that renovation that has been hanging over you for months, eliminate trash, and reduce the amount of stuff that is creating a load on your mind.

Improve your Home in Many Ways

Roll off dumpster rentals are a great way to make sure your renovation project results in a great improvement in your home’s ambiance and cleanliness, in addition to improving the design and functionality.

Call your local dumpster rental service today and get a quote so you can factor the rental cost into your plan; it may be the best spent money in the whole budget.

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