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Whether you are considering whether to rent a dumpster once for a single project or cleanout, or on a long-term basis for day to day waste management, there are many ways to make the process of filling the dumpster as efficient as possible. Waste management dumpsters can be an excellent investment for a large number of circumstances, but poor planning can unfortunately result in less than optimal outcomes.

Whatever the duration of your rental and whether you have a home, a neighborhood or a business trying to utilize it, a waste management dumpster rental can become a very efficient part of your plan.

Size It Up: Dumpster Size Is Crucial for Effective Usage

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However many yards of waste you think you will be dealing with before the dumpster is picked up, chances are that unforeseen waste and other volume will end up being discarded in your dumpster. Choosing the right dumpster size is an important step to ensure you avoid paying extra fees.

Many waste management dumpster rental companies charge by the ton after the initial rental, so while going up a size may cost a bit more, the expense will be balanced out by the certainty of not having to rent another dumpster, or find a different waste management solution.

Avoid Single Use Products

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This is a common mantra of waste management and environmental responsibility, but single use products add up really quickly. To reduce your junk removal bills do everything you can to reduce the volume of packaging that you produce.

The convenience of some single use products is attractive but the amount of volume that it contributes to your waste management burden will add up quickly over time. To get the most out of your dumpster rental, avoid unnecessary volume and weight by using reuseable products as much as possible.

Encouraging a culture of reduced waste in your home or business will help save the planet–and help you get the most out of your dumpster rental.

Reach Out To Local Upcyclers

waste management for a home remodel means lots of waste that some people can put to good use

When it comes to dumpster rentals, nothing is more inefficient than running out of room and having to get a whole other dumpster in order to finish the project. You’ll be paying the delivery and removal fees all over again, plus tonnage fees for whatever you put in the second dumpster.

With any large clean out project there is a lot of waste that could be salvaged if only someone has the time and attention to make it happen. But if you are pressed for time you probably won’t be able to be the one to pull nails out of lumber or carefully dismantle furniture. Time management is part of waste management too, and if you’re paying someone to do fiddly tasks trying to save a few bucks you will end up paying them more than the material you saved is worth. This can easily make your dumpster rental a net loss rather than a savings.

Buy nothing groups are often interested in empty buckets and pallets, and if you are doing demo you can find people who are willing to remove cabinets, counters and even framing.

Cardboard is in high demand by gardeners thanks to the Charles Dowding method of gardening, so if you have lots of cardboard packaging you could generate lots of interest and save lots of yardage by posting it for free.

Furniture in decent shape, toys and even non-working appliances are all good candidates for going in a free pile. Someone else may treasure your trash, so it’s only courteous to offer these things for free instead of paying to have them dragged off to a landfill.

if you think you might use a buy nothing group to get rid of some of the material that would otherwise be waste, try to post what you have available even before the rental period of the waste management dumpster. That way pickers have time to come take what they want, making your junk removal job that much easier.

The Breakdown on the Breakdown

Whatever size dumpster, breaking down your waste properly means you can eliminate more waste for the rental price

You can fit a lot more in a dumpster rental if you work on minimizing the space occupied by any given object. Some items, like bathtubs, can take up almost no room if you fill them with other things; whereas if you toss it in upside down it occupies almost two whole yards of your valuable dumpster real estate.

Similarly, bulky items like drywall and trim can take up lots of extra space if it isn’t broken down, stacked and oriented properly. The volume of a room’s worth of drywall could be several cubic yards or just one, depending on how carefully you arrange the pieces. Breaking down furniture and boxes can also greatly reduce the volume they occupy. Your waste management dumpster will hold a lot more debris if you are careful in how you fill it.

Talk to anyone who shares the dumpster with you about their breakdown process as well. Renting dumpsters only makes sense if you are able to fit what’s necessary inside.

Water is Heavy: Keep Contents of Waste Management Dumpsters Dry

Unfortunately, volume is not the only limitation on dumpster usage. You will need to check with your local waste management and dumpster rental companies, but in most cases there is also a weight limit, or at least an increased fee per ton of waste.

Too much weight is a pretty big component of efficient dumpster usage. One of the largest preventable causes of excessive weight is simply water.

If you are throwing away items that are sodden, whether from being left outside or from flooding, it can really pay to give them a few days’ airing before loading up the dumpster. get wet carpet and padding removed from the floor and draped over some lumber if possible, and rent a high volume fan.

Keep Debris and Dumpster Contents Dry

In addition to drying out items that are already wet, it is very worthwhile to prevent your waste from getting soaked by rain before loading the dumpster. Keep garbage bags out of the weather even if the forecast doesn’t mention rain, and for goodness’ sake don’t leave drywall on a damp floor for an extended time.

Finally, have a hard and fast rule that when you leave the dumpster rental, for any length of time, it gets closed and locked. One downpour in an open dumpster can add half a ton of weight to your dumpster, and removing everything from a half filled dumpster in order to get the water out will waste hours of your valuable time.

A little extra care in your junk removal needs will ensure that your waste management doesn’t include paying for the removal of rain: something that is surely worth a bit of attention.

Efficient Waste Management Dumpster Rental

When it comes to dumpster rental, whether for a single project or an ongoing pickup schedule, it only makes sense if it significantly reduces the amount of effort that goes into your waste management protocol.

To get the value you need from your dumpster rental you will want to make sure your waste management is carried out as efficiently as possible, while remaining within the volume and weight limit set by your dumpster rental company. Ensure that you and your employees are all up to speed on the waste management strategy, and your junk removal troubles will be a thing of the past.

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