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Today commercial dumpster rental is part of our life. Commercial dumpsters can be spotted everywhere, on job sites, by schools, and by houses. The story behind these large garbage containers is interesting.


In 1935, the world of trash and waste collection changed forever when two brothers, the Dempster brothers from Knoxville, Tennessee, patented their ingenious “Dempster Dumpster”.

Before this, waste was removed in a variety of inefficient and dangerous ways, and their creation of a steel container with two slots for a truck to pick it up was so successful that the name they came up with has become synonymous with the item itself – a success in the same vein as kleenex, the taser, and the escalator.

Nowadays, businesses all around the world still use commercial dumpster rental services to quickly, easily, and economically dispose of their waste.

There’s no simpler way to deal with the large amounts of trash that certain businesses, like restaurants or retail shops, produce than to just dump it in and forget about it.

However, when taking the plunge and locking in a commercial dumpster rental contract, the first thing the owner of the business will want to know is the cost. 


Cost of Commercial Dumpster Rental


On average, the monthly cost for a commercial dumpster is about $175. However, this can vary quite a bit based on location, the size of the dumpster and its weight limit,

and how frequently you need it to be emptied. For the amount of waste you can get rid of, that’s an excellent deal, and utilizing a dumpster will save you money in the end.


Loose piles of trash and waste materials slow down job sites, create safety hazards, and are a frustrating annoyance to workers who need to move quickly. 

For all these reasons and more, commercial dumpster rentals are well worth it.

Let’s dive a little deeper and evaluate the costs and benefits of commercial dumpster rentals further. 


Selecting Commercial Dumpster Sizes


The main factor that affects the cost of renting a dumpster is the size.

The typical commercial dumpster that is ubiquitous behind small shops and restaurants is a 2 cubic yard dumpster.

This is sufficient for most small businesses or restaurants, and will usually be emptied one or two times a week. 2 cubic yard trash bin rents for, on average, around $130 a month.


However, commercial dumpsters can also come in 4, 6, or 8 cubic yard sizes.


4 cubic yards

This size is good for medium-sized businesses with up to around 100 employees, retail stores, or small apartment complexes.

The cost of this size of dumpster ranges from around $130-$200 a month.


6 cubic yards

These larger dumpsters are good for schools, large apartment complexes, or retail plazas.

The dumpster rental price of the 6 cubic yards dumpster is usually found in an enclosed space separated from parking lots and entrances, and rents for an average of $160-$225 a month.


10 cubic yards

This is the largest type of commercial dumpster that is typically available to rent.

This huge dumpster is perfect for places like shipping centers, large grocery stores, or office complexes with 500 employees or more.


This size dumpster rents for, on average, $180-$250 a month. It’s easy to see that dumpsters provide strong value for the cost.


It isn’t that much more to rent a large dumpster compared to the smaller ones, and you’ll have to do something with the waste regardless.

The cost of renting a dumpster is nothing compared to the cost of leaving trash around and having an employee trip over it or cut themselves on glass or rusted metal.


Other Considerations Affecting Commercial Dumpster Rental Prices


Besides the size, there are a few other things to consider when it comes to the cost of commercial dumpster rentals



 In large cities, it can cost more than in smaller, rural areas. Also, the location can affect disposal fees, recycling fees, as well as labor and fuel costs. If you are looking for a dumpster rental in Southern California, check out Bin4Less rentals in Pomona and Covina

Hard-to-reach or extremely remote locations can cost more as the driver will have to deviate from their standard route. 


Special features

Some locations might want a lockbar to prevent unauthorized use of the dumpster or certain animals that are attracted to dumpsters from being able to get in and make a mess.

Many companies also offer additional wheels or a drain plug. 


Pickup frequency

In addition, the frequency of waste collection can raise the cost, as typically they are collected once per week, but additional days can be requested.

Trash pickup is usually available up to six days per week, but if you find yourself regularly scheduling more than two days per week, it might be smarter to get a larger size instead. 


Length of contract

The last thing that can affect the cost of a dumpster is the length of your contract.

Like most other businesses, dumpster rental companies usually offer a discount for longer contracts.

A five-year contract might have a lower rate than a one-year contract, for example.

Overall, dumpsters are an incredibly cheap and efficient way to get rid of your waste.


Don’t overlook this important aspect of running a business, and contact Bins4Less, a waste removal company in Southern California, today!

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